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To help those that struggle to get a good night's sleep to: fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, and awaken fully revitalized.

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I struggled to fall asleep at night 🥱, then when I would actually fall asleep 😴, I would wake up in the middle of the night for no reason! Then I would toss and turn for over an hour, I would finally fall asleep again and then I would wake up earlier than I was supposed to thus losing much-needed sleep 😑.

I struggled with this for nights on end for years. I did not want to resort to taking sleep aids

💊 and I wasn't sure how to fix my problem. Then, one day, after doing some research 📖 on natural

🌱 sleep aids and medicinal alternatives I came across an article on the use of weighted blankets for sleep 🛏️

After reading about all the facts and benefits, and understanding all the studies and research that had been done, I was sold 😃!

I purchased a weighted blank for myself and after one night of trying it out, I started sleeping like a baby instantly 😴! That is when I decided that I wanted to help people that struggled with the same symptoms, and who didn't want to result in taking medications

🩺, that I wanted to help them too with their problem with an all-natural sleep remedy.

That is when I decided to come up with Over-Slept💤. An all-natural fabric

🌱, weighted blanket, which naturally promotes a calming environment and aide in preventing insomnia.

The blanket also helps with RLS, and actually increases serotonin levels 

😌. To learn more about our blankets, how they help with insomnia, read our customer reviews, check out the rest of our site!

Like sleeping in? Sleep in with Over-Slept💤!

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